SickKids Ophthamology – 2015 ARIDO Merit Award

SickKids Ophthamology – 2015 ARIDO Merit Award

SickKids Ophthamology

Lead Designer With Zeidler Partnership Architects

SickKids Ophthalmology is a 7200 square feet renovation project located on the ground floor of the SickKids hospital in Toronto.

The concept of the design is to transform the waiting area into a colourful and animated playhouse. The waiting room is surrounded by a series of house-shaped niches cut into the walls with different heights and colours. The different sizes of the rectangular openings randomly placed on the wall create an interesting visual language while allowing views from the reception into the waiting area.  The brightly-coloured children seats and tables add liveliness to the space.

The exciting shapes, colours and playful placement of openings create a comfortable place for children, helping them forget that they are actually in a hospital.


Photos by Shai Gil