No.777 House

No.777 House

No. 777 Residence

The house a semi-detached single family house with 1800 square feet. It is located on a major street in the Woodbine Beach Area, Toronto. The client comes to us with a desire of having a new modern house with an open space concept and lots of sunlight for their new established family.

We took the project into an extra step and tried to create a meaningful building both for the users and neighborhood. The intention is not to design “the house”, but to design “a house”. A house could become an extension of the existing topography and the rapidly being developed surrounding urban fabric. A house is designed with a spatial planning that is spacious, enjoyable and flexible to live in not only for one client, but for anybody. Therefore, the design is to focus on the relationship between the fundamental spatial planning and the daily modern living style; at the same time to balance between interior natural lighting and living privacy.

We tried to use less materials and finishes to reveal the fundamental character of the space. A simple wood floor with white walls and ceiling to give the interior space a natural and streamline look. The angled wall on the front facade reflecting the outline of the street and the randomly placed punched windows in different sizes reveal the exterior views in various scenarios.

To overcome the challenge of bringing in light into such a narrow lot, we tried to minimize the partition walls inside the building to the necessary structural elements. With the stairs and the kitchen located at the central space, the ground floor transforms into a “grand room” that is adoptable to alternative furniture layouts changes. The “grand room” and the open riser stairs with a glass handrail also allows sunlight pass through building and reach to each floors and rooms.

The spatial planning and the architectural features act as a whole reveals the relationship between the architecture and the surrounding context, and the fascination of modern spatial relationship.