Interior Designers of Canada Booth at IIDEX 2016 – Sliver Award

Interior Designers of Canada Booth at IIDEX 2016 – Sliver Award

The designer was commissioned by the institution of Interior Designers of Canada to design their 2016 IIDEX booth. The plan was to promote IDC’s services and identities to the public at 2016 IIDEX show. The designer was instructed to design the booth to promote these services and identities in seven categories (Emerging Professionals, Professional Development, Industry, Tradeshows, Publications, Member Benefits and Who is IDC?) with a modest budget.

To promote the creative image of the Interior designers of Canada, the designer immediately thinks to not design a traditional display booth, instead, to design a so called: “stage play” booth.  A booth could become a playful and memorable art piece that encourages visitors’ interaction and changes its forms through those interaction.

The designer believes that the best way of delivering a message is to hide the message with a hint and encourage the visitors to uncover the full message themselves. The paper windmill is chosen as the medium carries the message. Seven selected colour spectra are assigned to the paper windmills to identity each promoting category. The messages are printed in white on a coloured background to make it noticeable enough to encourage the visitors to further uncover the rest of the message.

The paper windmills are held on the cables seemingly positioned in a 10 x 20 feet area randomly, however, it forms the word of “IDC” which can only be revealed while standing at a spot that is 20 feet away from the booth. The word of IDC is being slowly discovered by the visitors when they pass by the booth. The positions of the cables are designed to form a path to allow the visitors to walk through the booth as well. The windmills rotate by the wind generated by the visitors who are walking through the booth during the show. The art piece has become live through the visitors’ interaction.

Each windmill secured on a laser cut ring shape base which can be dissembled from the cable and worn by the visitors as a piece of “jewellery”. While the visitors take away the windmill gradually, the messages are not only revealed to them, but also carried by them to rest of the IIDEX show. At the end of the show, after most of the windmills are taken away, the pieces secure the windmills’ base to cables form a shadow figure of the word of “IDC” to reminds the visitors memory of the art piece and their playful experience.

The IDC booth has become a self evolving performing art piece that included all the visitors to complete the transformation of the art performance, which successfully draws attention from the public, at the same time delivers the important messages